Why India….Ed 2- Self Respect

Out of the myriad aspects which are contributing to the underdevelopment of India, I sense SELF-RESPECT is in the front line. I mean we Indians lack self-respect in some or the other view which is indirectly leading to respecting the others’ culture, tradition etc.,

Off-course Indians are the fastest in adapting to any sort of encompassing when compared to rest of the world. It is a good thing, but on the other side we are forgetting our own strengths. For instance, our Indian culture and tradition has very old history and agreed that this is one of the best traditions across the world (But there are many negative aspects were there in our history). All the world except India love to follow Indian tradition. So sad about this.

My main motto behind stating self respect as one of the factor is that self respect has an important effect in keeping the cultural values stable and leads to development.

But, whats happening in India now is, we are treating all foreign products as brands and our Indian products as non-brands by which we are disrespecting our own products and making the way to clear for them to dump their all ravages in to our place by strategy. If the same thing continues to happen for some more years, I am pretty confident that there would not be any single Indian origin product in this world for which each one of us are responsible.

Yah.. i Know its an era of technology and the whole world has become a global village. I am against it and I am not saying that we should ban all their products, I tend to say that we should learn the best things from their technology and adapt in to products and make our product the best one. In contrast, we are using their products more when compared to them and publicizing them more. Since our country is very huge in population, when we tend to use a product, obviously it will be claimed as the most used product in the world.

By this negligence of our own products, we are loosing our India made food, Clothes etc, many other brands of India. These days, right from small house-hold things to big electronic gadgets we are importing them from other parts of the world and indirectly expanding their markets with wings in to the world.

It is agreed that most of the foreign products are best in quality when compared to Indian products especially in electronic segment. It does not makes clear that we should use only them. We should use our products so that our Indian developers would get a chance to improve our product. The more we use a product the more revenue will be generated for the developer, and there will be more chances to develop the product by the developer, which is why I feel we should start to use our Indian products. Though may be technically low now, there will be a good day on which they can beat the foreign products.

I would like to quote an example here:

‘WHATS-APP’ is a very popular social messenger app used by most of the people across the world now. But many of the Indians do not know that there is an equally impressive our own Indian app called ‘HIKE MESSENGER’ there in market for the same purpose with some extra features like Stickers.

When I came to know about this I tried to create awareness among all my pals. But soon I came to realize that most of my fellows are denied to use the HIKE by telling some various non-sense reasons.

This is how Indians are programmed in such a way that they feel all the things whichever is not ours are directly from sky and our things are just sown in the soil.

This is terribly annoying.

Why India….Ed 2- Self Respect

Why India is not a Developed Country??? – Ed 1



Foremost, I being an Indian I confess that I have lead to be a part of this destruction or deterioration of my beloved Country and I sincerely wish to participate in the growth and be a helping hand in the prosperous of the same.

Well, to start this topic with that ‘Title’, I am feeling bit insulted, because I am an INDIAN who is feeling embarrassed to say my country is not developed. I am deeply scared that it may not going to be a developed country for ever. (My personal opinion, don’t get offended)

Yaah!! I know that I have made a strong statement that its not going to be a developed country for ever. (Here the word ‘Country’ means both the land and People). But there is a an amalgum of frustration and feeling of guilty and whatever you feel is there behind this one.

I am not sure that when I got to know this, but I came to know that other devastated countries like JAPAN has been transformed in to one of the fastest progressive nations across the world from the state of wild desert during the final stages of world war II.

Why this is not just happening with my Country where there was no Geographical or major political damage occurred during world war II. I know there are bunch of reasons which are leading to this pathetic premises. But, the one and only reason behind all these are ‘PEOPLE’, precisely ‘WE’.

Yes!! we Indians are intentionally maintaining India in this utter disaster status.

As a high pitch note, I feel our legendary freedom fighters would not have fought like that for freedom if they have had predicted the current situation of our country.

I would like to express my views more elaborately in the following posts.


Thanks for Reading.

Why India is not a Developed Country??? – Ed 1

My First BLOG


I am excited for entering into this platform called ‘BLOGGING’ and bit confused about how to make up this blog worth reading (by myself after some time). Anyways I will try to add some interesting topics mostly about Cinemas and Current Affairs and my personal experiences in my own style and with my limited knowledge.

I just want to make it a hobby by which i can improve my english writing skills.

My First BLOG