I wake, fell into the dark
aghast, my heart gridlocked to spread out the feelings
i realized it was a dream then

I freak, lending ears to trivial
dismayed, my cochlear spins outnumbered as a gram-phone whirls
i knew that was my own voice then

I hark, geared up to be petulant
appalled, my uvula petrified not to jingle
I considered its redundant to speak which i tuned in before

I lose, subjecting to myriad hurdles
puzzled, my mind obsessed to be a limp
I thought, me a prodigy in confronting the fiasco

I die, aggravated by battle of sorrows
elated, my soul not parting away from the dregs
i laughed, not atleast entitled to evacuate

and millions of so strange expressions haunting me from the time as far as i have known…

I have come to accept it
I miserably failed to express that uncomfort, which enraged me all my life
I didn’t try to put it out, i felt somehow deeply though

But, now I feel the darkness around creeping slowly nearer to my bed
the blue of the sky is turning into charcoal
voices around me slowly going unloud
and I feel i am able to see my own brain with its networks bursting out the neurotransmitters called feelings

I am scared, all that remains then will be nothing
no one remembers me, the world hastens to end
I wont exist at least regretting for departing without my feelings marked
I don’t want that to happen

Let me cry out loud…….

I don’t remember your face when I saw you for the first time,
I will come to know after i die that it was a radiating moon with tears raining onto ur cheeks

I am unable to recollect the first touch of yours,
I am sure that you felt it like an exquisite gift given by the almighty

I forgot the first word u spoke into my ears,
I Knew it that it was I LOVE YOU

I failed to get my first lullaby u sang in to my heart deeply,
I am consciousness now that it definitely was LONG LIVE MY DARLING

I kept unnoticed the LOVE which u always showered onto me
I am provoked to accept that which is the mere REASON FOR MY WHOLE LIFE


Many of the strangers has come to my life,
they have became friends, relatives, neighbours etc, but you

you are my true COMPANION
Some loved me, some hated me,
and some has became part of my life, but you

you are the one who OWN ME
I get old, may become bald, skin gets curly,
bones become fleshless and die, but you

you treats me same all the time, because you are the only TRUTH
In life, rest of all others come and go, but not you
because I am nothing but YOU.
YOU are the ANGEL from the way above the heaven into my life, sorry, who has given me life and drenched me in with your unconditional love
YOU are the MEDICINE which never fails and makes me much stronger when I fell sick
YOU are the MADNESS i love to get carried away with, cause I never want to be healthy enough to ignore you
YOU are the AWESOMENESS i got awe-struck from my birth and till my last breath

Oh Woman!

You lended me your hand and helped in raising this poor kid. You have made countless sacrifices just to see this dumb boy to be grown up and be prosperous.
You have taken all critical decisions to just make me the way i am now. You have shown your love in all possible ways like Kissing, beating, Praising, Scolding and infinite ways.
You have supported me in all my miseries and guided me how to move on with life. You had gone through so much pain in growing me up, though i don’t deserve that and have done nothing to you.
You are the one who stood by me when nobody does.

I never can justice for the love which you drizzled even for my next 100 lives.

I still cherish these moments:
As a kid the way i badly missed you and crying out into the streets when you were out of the home
Being stubborn in staying hungry till you were back to home then
Those breezing evenings when i was told stories by you with my head on your lap
The day when you lost everything and filled your eyes with tears and heart with hope that you have us
The evenings of autumn, you became a kid when i taught you the english alphabets

You are my LOVE
You are my HABIT
You are my STRENGTH
You are my LIFE

ALTOGETHER you are my MOTHER and I am Proud of You….

I would not be forgiven If i say I LOVE YOU to you, its more or like saying to myself.



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