I am euphoric and much delighted to announce that I am going to start my lifetime dream project movie titled ‘NUKALODU’ as a director by launching a debutante hero,the one and only ‘NUKESH BABU’ alias Nukala Lakshmi narasimha reddy (will be known as Jerking Star, henceforth). Coming to the background of the hero, i firmly believe that he is the only living being who can enact the role onto the skin as much as he would. We have done screen test on hundreds, but we stopped at him. He has intense and huge passion for acting which we gotta know by watching him in his very popular short film cum porn film on YouTube called ‘Kaama kalaapam’ and its sequels which were consistently successful as the first one. Though I am the director i am feeling lucky enough in managing too rope him onto my dream project.


The story is about a lad who is a Call boy ( first of its kind in Telugu film story wise, I feel proud of my creativity). Then he gets to meet the female lead who calls hero for one night stand. Because of heroes priceless f**king capabilities ( true character of the hero which will helps us in making and you will come to when you watch the movie), the heroine gets addicted to him and tragically heroine will be killed by a stranger. Then the rest of the story lies on how the hero finds the villain and how he f**ks him.

This will be a trailor-made character to our hero and we are sure that whole country will crave for this guy after the release. It wont be a wonderful if gets booked in hundred Hollywood porn movies by the fame which he would get post release. One more important role in the film is the butcher, who is friend of the hero, comedian and with a tinch of mental illness. This complex character is going to portrayed by the real life club dancer, cocaine, heroin supplier called ‘Ashok Peddi’ with screen name as ‘Barry’, who probably will be called as ‘Barre’ in Telugu post release. The film is going to be picturised mostly in and around Madhapur, Hyderabad within a record time of 12 days. We are planning to go for some exotic locations to picturise the songs. We are in talks with Miryalguda municipal corporation to get permission for the same.

Technical Departments has to be finalized soon.

Now, the pre-production work is going on at very fast pace. The film will roll on to sets in June 2015 and with an extensive post production work we are looking for Sankranthi 2016 Grand release world wide in record number of theaters. We are extremely nervous and have sincere hope that you would accept our movie, our hero and our comedian.

Awaiting for your gracious presence on the day of movie launch.


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