Letter of Regrets


Dear Swe,

I am accepting that I am fond of u,but I have to admit and feel sorry for causing trouble to u in one or the other way. I feel happy when I talk to you, but I never anticipated that I would make you feel so much pain by disturbing your happy love life. I know I am talking much more than usual friends do these days, though I am trying to minimising the conversation. I am helpless and a miserably failed in avoiding you Swe. Now I am scared to realise that I had forced you in a way to talk to me amidst your million problems, and I am truly touched by your kind heartedness and for the way in which you supported me all the time,though I Don’t deserve that.

I am deeply disgusted by my behaviour with you and feeling pity on myself. I really wonder how and why you had managed to got blamed by Srikanth, roommates etc just because of a nobody like me, who has done nothing to you. But I just want you to know that I never had the intention to hurt you or ruining your relationship with Srikanth. I am really saddened for whatever I done to you, though I admired you a lot. Being known that you are been in a relationship, I totally ignored that and behaved in very annoying way and which is what making me feel worse. I am not sure that you believe me any more, but I am confessing for all I done and I am the only one responsible for every problem happened to you. Anyway I don’t want to be a disheartening to you now on and at least not to make your troubles worse by being in touch with you.

Thanks for your valuable time, joy you had given and everything else.

Truly Sorry Swe…

Letter of Regrets

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