A Few lines about the Person I like the most

It’s always gives me an orgasmic pleasure when I think about, or at least talk about the person I like the most, Ram Gopal Varma. I have been following his ideologies for a while, which he has been inspired from the philosophers like Ayn rand, nitsche and his beloved friend Satyendra. I am not in a state of mind which has been completely carried away by the ideas and thoughts of his ideologies, to remember the point of time in my life when I got seduced with his words, predominantly his thoughts.

I firmly believe that this world is after the people, whom they cannot understand and get humiliated for not being dare enough to accept the facts posed by them. These conservatives just speculate on them, try to personify them as symbol of arrogance, likely unaware of their own incapability to look into the realm of truth. But, he has been consistently try to showcase the darkness behind the human beliefs and in a way trying to educate the people.

Earlier, I got struck on him because of his typical answers to the media, which I found very interesting and unique and for which he is an epitome. Subsequently, I had started to find much about him. Still, I remember the day, his book titled ‘NA ISHTAM’ with a Directorial picture of his own on the cover page released and I celebrated like a procession.

As I indulge myself more towards RGV, I have been able to think rationally. Logical thinking and how to analyse and control emotions are the 2 vital aspects which I extracted from RGV’s ideologies. Besides that, RGV is the person with highest sense of humor as far as I understood. Sad part is that, most of the people are so dumb that they are insensitive to his humor and articulates as such he is the massive living threat to the world.

A Few lines about the Person I like the most

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