Marriage Wishes to Dear Swetha

I am a bit down that you are not just Swetha anymore and you will be known as Swetha Prakash henceforth. I feel little strange when you are getting married coz it directly implies that even I am getting old enough (as we used to consider that we are of same age ignoring the gender constraints) to move away from the most critical stage of life called Youth and dawdling to the another age popularly called as Middle age to which no one wants to reach, at least who has brain in working condition. Anyways, probably it is the time to admit that you are one of the very few friends/relatives/neighbours/x/y/z… closest to my heart. Beyond shadow of a doubt, I am confident that you will excel in your new roles i.e wife, daughter-in-law etc. without any chaos. I profoundly hope that due to your myriad qualities you two would make a better couple and enjoy your life in mostly.

Bon Voyage for your new journey.

Marriage Wishes to Dear Swetha

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