A Casual Essay on “A Day when everything went wrong”

Well, I am a very positive guy, enthusiastic and cool usually. But, I get Goosebumps whenever I have a thought about the day, on which everything got messed up and I got adrenaline rush in to my blood like a flood. Unfortunately, that was the day of my final examination during my graduation. To keep me stay away from my hostel, my parents had instructed me to study in my Uncle’s house which is near to our college during my examinations. I got used to study at my uncle’s house and even I was happy for that because of the privacy and facilities which I could get in my uncle’s house. But this time my uncle’s family was on a vacation, hence I was alone. Studying till late nights was my regular practice during examinations. So, I had studied till late night before the day of exam and had plans to get up by 8 am so that I could make it to reach the college by 9.30 am, keeping in mind that the exam starts by 10 am. But the fate has other side. I don’t know exactly what had went wrong with the alarm. Besides that, I had a beautiful dream of becoming the topper of my college with top marks in all subjects. I wake up all of sudden, Once I received my graduation certificate from the chairman of our college after a long positive speech on how to be the college topper by stating me as a prototype by the chairman himself in my dream. And it was 9.50 am. Oh my god, I was literally trembling like anything and rushed to the college without any tasks amidst. By the time I reached my college it was 10.20 am. Exam started by 10 am and 10.30 was the cut-off time for students to enter the exam hall. When I entered the exam hall, I felt that there was no one in the exam hall because all of the students had immensely involved in filling up the answer sheets without making a sound. For that moment I felt I was in a graveyard because of that silence. Post to that, I started to glare at my question paper. I think that was the first time in my student life, I felt that I was not going to pass the exam at any cost, even if the examiner himself dictates me the answer. I had knew only 2 answers out of 8 questions. Feeling like no other option left, I started to attempt the first answer. I had just wrote two lines, my pen wished to show her part of sarcasm on me by leaking ink onto the paper. By borrowing pen from some friend, I started to write again. I had attempted only 3 answers out of 5 answers due to the time constraint. Post lunch our practical examination was scheduled. As I was pretty confident that I was not going to pass this exam, I was really frustrated and thought to give this practical examination without any preparation. So, some of our buddies, pretty much like me, started to teasing friends and created much noise outside the exam hall. When we were busy in that task, a man interrupted us by advising us to keep the voice low as we were creating trouble to other students, who were sincere and dedicated in preparing for the practical examination. I got tempered and asked him to mind his own business and reverted him by saying that we had already studied everything and we did not need some stupid advices or lecturers from a stranger like him. He starred at me like a hunter who feels happy when he looks at his prey. I did not get him and started teasing again. Then it was time for practical examination. We entered our practical examination lab and completed it somehow. Viva-voce was the last part of practical examination. For that each of our students has to face the external supervisor separately in a room adjacent to our lab. It was my turn and I entered the room for Viva-voce. The external examiner was none other than the man I had an argument before the practical exam.

A Casual Essay on “A Day when everything went wrong”

One thought on “A Casual Essay on “A Day when everything went wrong”

  1. ashok says:

    Loki really u wrote an essay very well… The way ur connecting sentences each other simply awesome like professional English teacher as I feel and about ur vocabulary which is not at extreme but a learner can easily understand like me


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