I wake, fell into the dark
aghast, my heart gridlocked to spread out the feelings
i realized it was a dream then

I freak, lending ears to trivial
dismayed, my cochlear spins outnumbered as a gram-phone whirls
i knew that was my own voice then

I hark, geared up to be petulant
appalled, my uvula petrified not to jingle
I considered its redundant to speak which i tuned in before

I lose, subjecting to myriad hurdles
puzzled, my mind obsessed to be a limp
I thought, me a prodigy in confronting the fiasco

I die, aggravated by battle of sorrows
elated, my soul not parting away from the dregs
i laughed, not atleast entitled to evacuate

and millions of so strange expressions haunting me from the time as far as i have known…

I have come to accept it
I miserably failed to express that uncomfort, which enraged me all my life
I didn’t try to put it out, i felt somehow deeply though

But, now I feel the darkness around creeping slowly nearer to my bed
the blue of the sky is turning into charcoal
voices around me slowly going unloud
and I feel i am able to see my own brain with its networks bursting out the neurotransmitters called feelings

I am scared, all that remains then will be nothing
no one remembers me, the world hastens to end
I wont exist at least regretting for departing without my feelings marked
I don’t want that to happen

Let me cry out loud…….

I don’t remember your face when I saw you for the first time,
I will come to know after i die that it was a radiating moon with tears raining onto ur cheeks

I am unable to recollect the first touch of yours,
I am sure that you felt it like an exquisite gift given by the almighty

I forgot the first word u spoke into my ears,
I Knew it that it was I LOVE YOU

I failed to get my first lullaby u sang in to my heart deeply,
I am consciousness now that it definitely was LONG LIVE MY DARLING

I kept unnoticed the LOVE which u always showered onto me
I am provoked to accept that which is the mere REASON FOR MY WHOLE LIFE


Many of the strangers has come to my life,
they have became friends, relatives, neighbours etc, but you

you are my true COMPANION
Some loved me, some hated me,
and some has became part of my life, but you

you are the one who OWN ME
I get old, may become bald, skin gets curly,
bones become fleshless and die, but you

you treats me same all the time, because you are the only TRUTH
In life, rest of all others come and go, but not you
because I am nothing but YOU.
YOU are the ANGEL from the way above the heaven into my life, sorry, who has given me life and drenched me in with your unconditional love
YOU are the MEDICINE which never fails and makes me much stronger when I fell sick
YOU are the MADNESS i love to get carried away with, cause I never want to be healthy enough to ignore you
YOU are the AWESOMENESS i got awe-struck from my birth and till my last breath

Oh Woman!

You lended me your hand and helped in raising this poor kid. You have made countless sacrifices just to see this dumb boy to be grown up and be prosperous.
You have taken all critical decisions to just make me the way i am now. You have shown your love in all possible ways like Kissing, beating, Praising, Scolding and infinite ways.
You have supported me in all my miseries and guided me how to move on with life. You had gone through so much pain in growing me up, though i don’t deserve that and have done nothing to you.
You are the one who stood by me when nobody does.

I never can justice for the love which you drizzled even for my next 100 lives.

I still cherish these moments:
As a kid the way i badly missed you and crying out into the streets when you were out of the home
Being stubborn in staying hungry till you were back to home then
Those breezing evenings when i was told stories by you with my head on your lap
The day when you lost everything and filled your eyes with tears and heart with hope that you have us
The evenings of autumn, you became a kid when i taught you the english alphabets

You are my LOVE
You are my HABIT
You are my STRENGTH
You are my LIFE

ALTOGETHER you are my MOTHER and I am Proud of You….

I would not be forgiven If i say I LOVE YOU to you, its more or like saying to myself.






I am euphoric and much delighted to announce that I am going to start my lifetime dream project movie titled ‘NUKALODU’ as a director by launching a debutante hero,the one and only ‘NUKESH BABU’ alias Nukala Lakshmi narasimha reddy (will be known as Jerking Star, henceforth). Coming to the background of the hero, i firmly believe that he is the only living being who can enact the role onto the skin as much as he would. We have done screen test on hundreds, but we stopped at him. He has intense and huge passion for acting which we gotta know by watching him in his very popular short film cum porn film on YouTube called ‘Kaama kalaapam’ and its sequels which were consistently successful as the first one. Though I am the director i am feeling lucky enough in managing too rope him onto my dream project.


The story is about a lad who is a Call boy ( first of its kind in Telugu film story wise, I feel proud of my creativity). Then he gets to meet the female lead who calls hero for one night stand. Because of heroes priceless f**king capabilities ( true character of the hero which will helps us in making and you will come to when you watch the movie), the heroine gets addicted to him and tragically heroine will be killed by a stranger. Then the rest of the story lies on how the hero finds the villain and how he f**ks him.

This will be a trailor-made character to our hero and we are sure that whole country will crave for this guy after the release. It wont be a wonderful if gets booked in hundred Hollywood porn movies by the fame which he would get post release. One more important role in the film is the butcher, who is friend of the hero, comedian and with a tinch of mental illness. This complex character is going to portrayed by the real life club dancer, cocaine, heroin supplier called ‘Ashok Peddi’ with screen name as ‘Barry’, who probably will be called as ‘Barre’ in Telugu post release. The film is going to be picturised mostly in and around Madhapur, Hyderabad within a record time of 12 days. We are planning to go for some exotic locations to picturise the songs. We are in talks with Miryalguda municipal corporation to get permission for the same.

Technical Departments has to be finalized soon.

Now, the pre-production work is going on at very fast pace. The film will roll on to sets in June 2015 and with an extensive post production work we are looking for Sankranthi 2016 Grand release world wide in record number of theaters. We are extremely nervous and have sincere hope that you would accept our movie, our hero and our comedian.

Awaiting for your gracious presence on the day of movie launch.


Letter of Regrets


Dear Swe,

I am accepting that I am fond of u,but I have to admit and feel sorry for causing trouble to u in one or the other way. I feel happy when I talk to you, but I never anticipated that I would make you feel so much pain by disturbing your happy love life. I know I am talking much more than usual friends do these days, though I am trying to minimising the conversation. I am helpless and a miserably failed in avoiding you Swe. Now I am scared to realise that I had forced you in a way to talk to me amidst your million problems, and I am truly touched by your kind heartedness and for the way in which you supported me all the time,though I Don’t deserve that.

I am deeply disgusted by my behaviour with you and feeling pity on myself. I really wonder how and why you had managed to got blamed by Srikanth, roommates etc just because of a nobody like me, who has done nothing to you. But I just want you to know that I never had the intention to hurt you or ruining your relationship with Srikanth. I am really saddened for whatever I done to you, though I admired you a lot. Being known that you are been in a relationship, I totally ignored that and behaved in very annoying way and which is what making me feel worse. I am not sure that you believe me any more, but I am confessing for all I done and I am the only one responsible for every problem happened to you. Anyway I don’t want to be a disheartening to you now on and at least not to make your troubles worse by being in touch with you.

Thanks for your valuable time, joy you had given and everything else.

Truly Sorry Swe…

Letter of Regrets

A Few lines about the Person I like the most

It’s always gives me an orgasmic pleasure when I think about, or at least talk about the person I like the most, Ram Gopal Varma. I have been following his ideologies for a while, which he has been inspired from the philosophers like Ayn rand, nitsche and his beloved friend Satyendra. I am not in a state of mind which has been completely carried away by the ideas and thoughts of his ideologies, to remember the point of time in my life when I got seduced with his words, predominantly his thoughts.

I firmly believe that this world is after the people, whom they cannot understand and get humiliated for not being dare enough to accept the facts posed by them. These conservatives just speculate on them, try to personify them as symbol of arrogance, likely unaware of their own incapability to look into the realm of truth. But, he has been consistently try to showcase the darkness behind the human beliefs and in a way trying to educate the people.

Earlier, I got struck on him because of his typical answers to the media, which I found very interesting and unique and for which he is an epitome. Subsequently, I had started to find much about him. Still, I remember the day, his book titled ‘NA ISHTAM’ with a Directorial picture of his own on the cover page released and I celebrated like a procession.

As I indulge myself more towards RGV, I have been able to think rationally. Logical thinking and how to analyse and control emotions are the 2 vital aspects which I extracted from RGV’s ideologies. Besides that, RGV is the person with highest sense of humor as far as I understood. Sad part is that, most of the people are so dumb that they are insensitive to his humor and articulates as such he is the massive living threat to the world.

A Few lines about the Person I like the most

Marriage Wishes to Dear Swetha

I am a bit down that you are not just Swetha anymore and you will be known as Swetha Prakash henceforth. I feel little strange when you are getting married coz it directly implies that even I am getting old enough (as we used to consider that we are of same age ignoring the gender constraints) to move away from the most critical stage of life called Youth and dawdling to the another age popularly called as Middle age to which no one wants to reach, at least who has brain in working condition. Anyways, probably it is the time to admit that you are one of the very few friends/relatives/neighbours/x/y/z… closest to my heart. Beyond shadow of a doubt, I am confident that you will excel in your new roles i.e wife, daughter-in-law etc. without any chaos. I profoundly hope that due to your myriad qualities you two would make a better couple and enjoy your life in mostly.

Bon Voyage for your new journey.

Marriage Wishes to Dear Swetha

A Casual Essay on “A Day when everything went wrong”

Well, I am a very positive guy, enthusiastic and cool usually. But, I get Goosebumps whenever I have a thought about the day, on which everything got messed up and I got adrenaline rush in to my blood like a flood. Unfortunately, that was the day of my final examination during my graduation. To keep me stay away from my hostel, my parents had instructed me to study in my Uncle’s house which is near to our college during my examinations. I got used to study at my uncle’s house and even I was happy for that because of the privacy and facilities which I could get in my uncle’s house. But this time my uncle’s family was on a vacation, hence I was alone. Studying till late nights was my regular practice during examinations. So, I had studied till late night before the day of exam and had plans to get up by 8 am so that I could make it to reach the college by 9.30 am, keeping in mind that the exam starts by 10 am. But the fate has other side. I don’t know exactly what had went wrong with the alarm. Besides that, I had a beautiful dream of becoming the topper of my college with top marks in all subjects. I wake up all of sudden, Once I received my graduation certificate from the chairman of our college after a long positive speech on how to be the college topper by stating me as a prototype by the chairman himself in my dream. And it was 9.50 am. Oh my god, I was literally trembling like anything and rushed to the college without any tasks amidst. By the time I reached my college it was 10.20 am. Exam started by 10 am and 10.30 was the cut-off time for students to enter the exam hall. When I entered the exam hall, I felt that there was no one in the exam hall because all of the students had immensely involved in filling up the answer sheets without making a sound. For that moment I felt I was in a graveyard because of that silence. Post to that, I started to glare at my question paper. I think that was the first time in my student life, I felt that I was not going to pass the exam at any cost, even if the examiner himself dictates me the answer. I had knew only 2 answers out of 8 questions. Feeling like no other option left, I started to attempt the first answer. I had just wrote two lines, my pen wished to show her part of sarcasm on me by leaking ink onto the paper. By borrowing pen from some friend, I started to write again. I had attempted only 3 answers out of 5 answers due to the time constraint. Post lunch our practical examination was scheduled. As I was pretty confident that I was not going to pass this exam, I was really frustrated and thought to give this practical examination without any preparation. So, some of our buddies, pretty much like me, started to teasing friends and created much noise outside the exam hall. When we were busy in that task, a man interrupted us by advising us to keep the voice low as we were creating trouble to other students, who were sincere and dedicated in preparing for the practical examination. I got tempered and asked him to mind his own business and reverted him by saying that we had already studied everything and we did not need some stupid advices or lecturers from a stranger like him. He starred at me like a hunter who feels happy when he looks at his prey. I did not get him and started teasing again. Then it was time for practical examination. We entered our practical examination lab and completed it somehow. Viva-voce was the last part of practical examination. For that each of our students has to face the external supervisor separately in a room adjacent to our lab. It was my turn and I entered the room for Viva-voce. The external examiner was none other than the man I had an argument before the practical exam.

A Casual Essay on “A Day when everything went wrong”